grin verb

ADV. broadly, widely He appeared in the doorway grinning broadly. | weakly | crookedly | cheerfully, happily | amiably | cheekily, impishly, mischievously | triumphantly | inanely | sheepishly He just stood there, tongue-tied and grinning sheepishly. | apologetically, ruefully, wryly She grinned apologetically when she saw him. | unrepentantly | conspiratorially | wickedly | maliciously, wolfishly | sourly | back, down, up She relaxed and grinned wickedly back at him. He lay grinning impishly up at me.

PREP. at He stopped eating to grin at me. | to She grinned to herself at the thought. | with They grinned with pleasure.

PHRASES grin from ear to ear She looked at us, grinning from ear to ear.