grant noun

ADJ. large, substantial | small | full The full student maintenance grant was rather less than £2,000. | annual | capital, lump-sum, purchase The school has received a large capital grant to improve its buildings. | maintenance | emergency emergency grants for special needs for items such as cookers and clothing | discretionary | mandatory | student | project, research There is a lot of competition for research grants. | clothing, conservation, (home) improvement, land, maternity, renovation, training, etc. | Arts Council, EU, government, local authority, etc.

VERB + GRANT apply for | be eligible for, qualify for You may be eligible for a clothing grant. | get, obtain, receive You can get a grant if you've lived in the area for three years. | award (sb), give sb, make (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with) The government has awarded a 3.5 million pound grant for the restoration of the opera house. | refuse sb | cut The theatre's annual grant from the Arts Council has been cut.

PREP. ~ for a grant for a youth project | ~ from a grant from the local authority