government noun

1 people in control of a country

ADJ. central, federal, local, national, provincial, regional | Communist, Conservative, Labour, etc. the country's new Communist government | left-wing, right-wing | coalition | minority The socialists won 42% of the seats and formed a minority government. | caretaker, interim, transitional The president dissolved the assembly and swore in an interim government. | military | puppet | French, Western, etc. The report on world poverty calls for urgent action from Western governments.

VERB + GOVERNMENT elect The present government was elected last year. | form A nre government was formed in September of that year. | install A puppet government was installed as the occupying forces withdrew. | swear in | head, run a new government headed by a former military leader | bring down, destabilize, oust, overthrow, topple This crisis could bring down the British government. The group aims to overthrow the military government.

GOVERNMENT + VERB come to power | take office On May 23 a coalition government took office. | fall, resign a national emergency that could cause the government to fall | announce sth The government announced the cancellation of the dam project. | introduce sth, launch sth

GOVERNMENT + NOUN agency, body, department | funds, money | aid, assistance, backing, funding, grant, subsidy, support | expenditure, spending | cuts The hospital has been hit by government cuts. | control | intervention, involvement calls for government intervention in the dispute | minister, official, representative, spokesman | sources According to government sources, two people died in the incident. | figures, statistics | post | reshuffle The former minister was relieved of his post in last month's extensive government reshuffle. | decisions, legislation, measures, plans, policy, proposals | report | propaganda

PREP. in ~ a problem facing whichever party is in government | under a/the ~ measures that were introduced under the last government

PHRASES a change of government It is time we had a change of government. | the government of the day This was a decision taken by the government of the day. | a member of a government The prime minister has been meeting members of the French government.

2 act of governing

ADJ. democratic, representative | firm, good, strong We need strong government to take the country through this crisis. | weak