gossip noun

1 rumours about other people

ADJ. latest | common It's common gossip in the office that she's about to leave her husband. | idle, malicious, salacious, silly

QUANT. bit, piece, titbit I heard an interesting bit of gossip yesterday.

VERB + GOSSIP spread Someone has been spreading malicious gossip about me. | exchange, swap | hear, listen to, pay attention to You shouldn't listen to idle gossip.

GOSSIP + VERB circulate, go around/round A piece of silly gossip was going round the school.

GOSSIP + NOUN column, columnist I saw it in the gossip column of the local newspaper.

PREP. ~ about a magazine full of gossip about famous people

2 conversation about other people

ADJ. good


PREP. ~ about We had a good gossip about the boss. | ~ with She's having a gossip with Maria.