gold noun

1 yellow metal

ADJ. pure | real | solid | fool's | 9-carat, 18-carat, etc. | molten | beaten, rolled | burnished | tarnished

VERB + GOLD extract, mine, produce | look for, pan for, prospect for He spent weeks panning for gold in the river. | discover, find, strike | be set in The rubies were set in 18-carat gold.

GOLD + NOUN mine, miner, mining, prospecting, prospector | rush a gold rush town | deposit, dust, nugget | bar, bullion, ingot | leaf, plate | market, reserves, stocks falling government gold stocks | standard The currency was tied to the gold standard.

PHRASES a vein of gold In the afternoon he struck a rich vein of gold.

2 (also gold medal) in sports

ADJ. Olympic

VERB + GOLD get, take, win She got a gold in the long jump. | go for She's going for gold this time.