glory noun

1 fame/honour

ADJ. personal They are driven by a craving for personal glory. | reflected She basked in the reflected glory of her daughter's success. | greater The force behind all Peter's reforms was the greater glory of the Russian state. | military young soldiers keen to win military glory

VERB + GLORY cover yourself in/with, get, win He covered himself in glory and came home a rich man. (informal) Typical! I do all the work and she gets all the glory. | bring (sb) Victory brought them glory, fame and riches. | bask in | steal, take It was 19-year-old David Hagan who stole the points and the glory with a brilliant goal in the closing minutes of the game.

GLORY + NOUN days We remember the team's glory days in the 1960s, when they won the World Cup.

PREP. for/to the ~ of They built many churches, great and small, to the glory of God.

PHRASES a blaze of glory It's my last ever tournament and I hope to go out in a blaze of glory! | sb's moment of glory His moment of glory came when he won the Olympic downhill skiing event.

2 beauty/beautiful feature

ADJ. full You cannot appreciate the bridge's full glory by going over it; it is best viewed from below. | crowning The city's crowning glory is its Gothic cathedral.

PHRASES in all her/his/its/their glory Autumn is the time to see the beech woods in all their glory. | restore sth to its former glory The eighteenth-century building has been restored to its former glory.