glasses noun

ADJ. dark, sun (also sunglasses), tinted I wear blue-tinted glasses on sunny days. | reading | half-moon, (little) round | pebble, thick, thick-lensed a short, fat man with greasy black hair and thick pebble glasses | granny | owlish | heavy | gold-rimmed, horn-rimmed, steel-rimmed, wire-framed/wire-rimmed | rimless | field, opera

QUANT. pair

VERB + GLASSES have on, wear | put on | remove, take off | look over, peer over Her father lowered his paper and peered over his glasses at her. | adjust, push up She pushed her glasses up and rubbed the bridge of her nose. | clean, polish, wipe

GLASSES + VERB steam up His glasses steamed up as soon as he came indoors. | be perched on sth, perch on sth Horn-rimmed glasses perched on the bridge of her nose.

PREP. behind (your) ~ She blinked behind her glasses. Their anxious faces were hidden behind dark glasses.