glass noun

1 transparent substance

ADJ. clear, coloured, opaque, plain, smoked, tinted | broken | flying A bomb went off, and many people were injured by flying glass. | bulletproof, cut, frosted, plate, safety, stained, toughened

QUANT. piece | pane, sheet | fragment, sliver, splinter The floor was littered with fragments of broken glass.

VERB + GLASS blow, make watching the Venetian craftsmen blowing glass The factory makes safety glass. | break, crack, shatter, smash

GLASS + VERB break, crack, shatter, smash, splinter the sound of breaking glass

GLASS + NOUN beads, bottle, bowl, eye, jar, vase | cabinet, case | door, panel, partition, roof, wall | fibre a boat made of glass fibre

PREP. behind ~ The books were all behind glass (= in glass cases). | on ~ She cut her foot on some glass. | under ~ growing fruit under glass (= in a glasshouse) | through ~ He could see the light through the frosted glass.

2 for drinking

ADJ. brimming, full | half-empty, half-full | empty | beer, brandy, champagne, sherry, whisky, wine | crystal a set of crystal glasses | tall a tall glass of milk | fresh He poured her a fresh glass of sherry. | pint beer in a pint glass

VERB + GLASS have He had a small glass of lager with his meal. | drink, sip She sat sipping a glass of champagne. | drain, empty | fill, pour, refill, top up The waiter filled their glasses. | clean, polish, wash The butler was polishing the brandy glasses. | raise She raised the glass to her lips. | hand sb I handed her a glass of wine. | put down, set down I put my glass down on the table. | clink They clinked glasses, still laughing.

GLASS + VERB clink He heard glasses clinking in the other room.

PREP. in a/the/sb's ~ the red liquid in his glass | ~ of She had had three glasses of whisky already.

PHRASES (a) glass in (your) hand He sat back, glass in hand.