glare noun

1 strong light

ADJ. blinding, full, harsh, hot | sudden A sudden glare of headlights lit the driveway.

VERB + GLARE reflect The walls were whitewashed to reflect the glare of the sun. | reduce We wore sunglasses to reduce the glare from the road. | be blinded by, be dazzled by For a moment she was blinded by the harsh glare of the sun. | be caught in The rabbit was caught in the glare of the car's headlights.

PREP. against the ~ We screwed up our eyes against the blinding glare from the searchlights. | in/under the ~ of Under the glare of the street lamps, visibility was good. | ~ from

PHRASES the glare of publicity (figurative) The divorce was conducted in the full glare of media publicity.

2 angry look

ADJ. angry, baleful, defiant, furious, hostile, malevolent, menacing, withering | icy, steely, stony | warning

VERB + GLARE fix sb with, give sb, send sb, shoot (sb), turn on sb She fixed her questioner with an icy glare. He sent her a glare that was full of suspicion. She shot a warning glare at her companion. He turned his baleful glare on the cowering suspect.