glance noun

ADJ. backward, sidelong, sideways She cast a sidelong glance at Fern. | brief, cursory, fleeting, quick, swift After a cursory glance at the report he frowned. | casual | covert, furtive, surreptitious The man walked slowly along, casting furtive glances behind him. | accusing, angry, baleful, disapproving, mocking, reproachful, scornful, sharp, suspicious, withering Meena threw him an angry glance. | curious, puzzled, questioning, quizzical | admiring, approving | knowing | meaningful The couple exchanged meaningful glances but said nothing. | amused, wry | anxious, nervous, worried | plaintive

VERB + GLANCE cast (sb), dart, give (sb/sth), have, shoot (sb), steal, take, throw (sb) He gave her a mocking glance. I had a quick glance at the article, but I haven't read it yet. He stole a sidelong glance at the young woman sitting next to him on the train. She took one last glance in the mirror and then left. | exchange They exchanged knowing glances. | catch I caught the teacher's glance and nearly burst into nervous laughter. | attract, draw Their vintage car attracted admiring glances wherever they went.

GLANCE + VERB flick, flicker, move Her glance flickered briefly across to the group standing at the other side of the street. | meet Their glances met, then they both looked away. | fall on sb/sth, rest on sb/sth His glance fell on a pile of papers at one side of the desk.

PREP. at a ~ The software allows you to see at a glance what fonts you have on the computer. | with a ~ With a quick glance at the time, she stood up and prepared to leave. | without a ~ He left without a backward glance. | ~ at A glance at my watch told me it was already past six o'clock. | ~ of He ignored my glance of disapproval. | ~ over He kept throwing nervous glances over his shoulder.