generation noun

1 people/period of time

ADJ. current, present | new, younger | older The older generation prefer a darker and more traditional kind of clothing. | coming, future, later, next, rising The forest will be preserved for future generations. | earlier, former, last, past, preceding, previous These children seem to have a stronger sense of purpose than the previous generation. the wisdom of past generations | first, second, etc. The second generation of immigrants often adopted British forenames. | subsequent, succeeding, successive Succeeding generations have added to the stock of stories and legends. | whole The First World War slaughtered a whole generation.

VERB + GENERATION belong to people who belong to a younger generation

GENERATION + NOUN gap I was aware of a real generation gap between us.

PREP. for a ~ The consequences of the radioactive leakage may not become apparent for a generation or more. | for ~s This kind of apple has been grown for generations.

PHRASES from generation to generation The recipe for making the liqueur has been handed down from generation to generation. | from one generation to the next

2 production of sth

ADJ. electricity, gas, income, power different methods of power generation