gas noun

1 substance like air

ADJ. noxious, poisonous, toxic | explosive, inflammable, radioactive | inert | exhaust, greenhouse pollution from greenhouse gases | nerve, tear Police used water cannon and tear gas against demonstrators.

VERB + GAS give off, produce It gives off a poisonous gas as it rots down.

GAS + VERB build up Noxious gases had built up in the sewer. | escape, leak Toxic gases can escape through one of the pipes.

2 for heating/cooking

ADJ. butane, coal, natural, propane | bottled, Calor

VERB + GAS cook with I prefer to cook with gas. | light, turn on I lit the gas and put the soup on to warm.

GAS + NOUN appliance, boiler, central heating, cooker, fire, lamp, oven | bottle, cylinder, pipeline | board | industry | field tapping the North Sea gas fields | supply | works Local gas works were closed as natural gas became available. | leak All gas leaks should be reported as soon as possible.

PHRASES gas mark 2, 3, etc. Set the oven at gas mark 4.