garden noun

ADJ. beautiful, lovely, pretty | big, large | small, tiny | back, front people hanging out washing in their back gardens | flower, herb, kitchen, rose, vegetable Most of the hotel's salads are grown in its own kitchen garden. | rock, water a rock garden with an astonishing variety of alpine plants | botanical, cottage, formal, landscaped, public, town, walled a large country house with beautiful landscaped gardens plants suitable for a small town garden a lovely Victorian walled garden

VERB + GARDEN create, design, lay out, plan, plant creating a garden out of a wilderness We got someone to design the garden for us. The garden is laid out in eighteenth century style. | plant We planted the garden with herbs and wild flowers. | dig, do, tend, tidy (up), weed Weekends were spent doing the garden.

GARDEN + NOUN flower, plant | pest aphids, one of the commonest garden pests | tools | gate, path, shed, wall | furniture, seat | centre We got the gravel at our local garden centre.

PREP. in/into a/the ~ Mary's out in the garden.

PHRASES the bottom/end of a garden