gang noun

1 group of criminals

ADJ. street a street gang known as the Hooligans | armed, criminal, organized, terror/terrorist The robbery was carried out by an armed gang. | teenage | rival Fights had ensued between rival gangs of football fans.

VERB + GANG belong to, join A lot of the lads belong to gangs. He pressed me to join his gang.

GANG + NOUN attack, fight, violence, warfare a gang fight between two rival teenage gangs | leader, member | life a tale of LA gang life | rape

PREP. in a/the ~ We were in the same gang. | ~ of a gang of skinheads

PHRASES a member of a gang

2 group of friends

PREP. ~ of You probably go with a gang of friends to the same pub most Saturdays.

PHRASES one of the gang Her friends made me feel welcome and treated me as one of the gang.