game noun

1 activity/sport

ADJ. ball, board, computer, video | good This is a good game for getting people to mix. | competitive competitive games in which there is always a winner and a loser | team How I hated team games at school! | party | children's children's party games like Musical Chairs | indoor, outdoor finding good indoor games for children

VERB + GAME have, play Shall we have a game of chess? | draw, lose, win We won the first game and drew the second.

PREP. ~ against/with, ~ of To pass the time, we played a game of cards.

2 sports match

ADJ. big (= important) The team are in training for their big game. | first, opening | final, last | away, home | Cup, League their first League game of the season

VERB + GAME have, play United are playing a home game this week. | draw, lose, win

PREP. ~ against/with He's hoping to be fit before next week's game with Liverpool. | ~ of a game of tennis

3 how sb plays

ADJ. good, great That girl plays a great game of bridge.

VERB + GAME have, play Trescothick had a good game and was man of the match. | improve, raise Hendry raised his game to collect the £40,000 first prize.

4 games: sports competition

ADJ. Commonwealth, Olympic

VERB + GAME compete in, participate in, take part in She's hoping to participate in the next Olympic Games. | host Beijing's bid to host the Olympic Games

5 business/activity

VERB + GAME be in How long have you been in this game?

GAME + NOUN ~ of the game of life/politics

PHRASES all part of the game Getting dirty was all part of the game to the kids. | new to this game I'm new to this game myself.

6 secret plan

ADJ. little, silly, stupid

VERB + GAME play I realized that he had been playing a stupid game with me. | put an end to, put a stop to I'll soon put an end to her silly little games. | give away Don't let him talk to anybody or he'll give the game away.