funding noun

ADJ. adequate, proper | generous, substantial | inadequate | additional, extra, further | direct | long-term | annual, three-year, etc. the airline industry's annual funding requirement | emergency, short-term, stop-gap | official | clandestine, illegal, secret the clandestine funding of an illegal group | core | central | internal | external, outside Half the university research posts depend on outside funding. | international, local, national | foreign | government, public/public-sector, state | private/private-sector | corporate | development, education, research, science, venture, etc. | hospital, library, university, etc.

VERB + FUNDING give sb/sth, grant sb/sth, provide (sb/sth with) The refusal to grant extra funding to schools in the poorest areas caused a political storm. | attract, secure, seek, win | get, obtain, receive | increase | cut, reduce | withdraw, withhold

PREP. … in/of ~ £25 million in funding | ~ for The president called for greater funding for housing for the poor. | ~ from The school has attracted funding from a number of sources. | ~ to an increase in funding to drug rehabilitation clinics

PHRASES a cut/an increase in funding, a lack of funding, a level of funding Present levels of funding have forced the school to cut its teaching staff. | a means/source of funding