fringe noun

1 hair

ADJ. heavy, thick | light, wispy

VERB + FRINGE grow | cut, trim My fringe needs trimming. | brush, push She kept brushing her fringe off her forehead.

PREP. from beneath/under your ~ She stared at us from beneath her fringe. | in a ~ She has her hair pulled forward in a fringe.

2 outer edge of a place/group/society, etc.

ADJ. outer | marginal | eastern, western, etc. | coastal, urban | delinquent, lunatic the delinquent fringe of the Nationalist Party

VERB + FRINGE keep to, remain on, stand on He has always remained on the fringes of mainstream politics.

FRINGE + NOUN area | group | meeting | theatre, venue He moved from fringe theatre to mainstream when he was chosen to play a leading role on Broadway.

PREP. along the ~ the forests along the eastern fringe of the Andes | around the ~ new housing around the urban fringe | at the ~ They pitched their tents at the fringe of the open fields. | beyond the ~ Beyond this marginal fringe no agriculture is possible. | on the ~(s) These people live on the fringes of society.