friend noun

ADJ. best, bosom, close, dear, good, great, intimate, real, special Her best friend at school was called Anna. I'm inviting only my closest friends to the party. | faithful, loyal, true | lifelong, long-standing, old It was so relaxing to be among old friends. | female, male, woman He was last seen leaving a restaurant with a female friend. | fair-weather People he had trusted turned out to be only fair-weather friends (= stopped being his friends when he was in trouble). | mutual We met each other through a mutual friend. | family, personal | childhood, school Do you keep in touch with any school friends?

VERB + FRIEND become They became friends after meeting on holiday. | remain, stay We stayed friends even after we grew up and left home. | find, make He finds it difficult to make friends. She's made friends with the little girl who lives next door. | win He won't win any friends if he carries on talking like that. | have She doesn't have many good friends.

PHRASES a circle of friends He introduced me to his circle of friends. | a friend of mine, yours, etc. I was given this necklace by a good friend of mine.