free adj., adv.

1 not controlled by rules

VERBS be, feel, seem | become | remain | leave sb The government wants to leave companies free to make their own decisions.

ADV. completely, entirely, quite, totally The students are entirely free to choose their own courses. | fairly, reasonably, relatively

PREP. from The organization wants to remain free from government control.

2 not in prison; not restricted/trapped

VERBS be, roam animals roaming free across the plains | break, get, pull, walk The ship broke free from its moorings. They tied him up but he managed to get free. She managed to pull free of her attacker. She walked free from jail. | remain | cut sb/sth, let sb/sth, pull sb/sth, set sb/sth He was trapped by his leg, but his rescuers cut him free. They let their prisoner free. The birds were set free.

ADV. completely, entirely, totally

3 costing nothing

VERBS be, come This full-colour poster comes free with the magazine.

ADV. absolutely, completely, entirely, totally

PHRASES for free We might be able to get some plants for free. | free of charge We will send you our booklet free of charge.

4 free from/of sth: without sth

VERBS be | become | remain, stay | keep sth We've managed to keep the garden free of weeds this year.

ADV. completely, entirely, totally At last he's totally free from pain. | relatively

5 not being used

VERBS be, look, seem | become | keep sth The hospital needs to keep some beds free for emergencies.

ADV. completely

6 not busy

VERBS be Are you free this afternoon? | keep sth We try and keep Sundays free.

ADV. completely, entirely, totally | fairly, pretty, reasonably