freak noun

1 strange/unusual event

FREAK + NOUN accident, result, storm, wave A driver was killed in a freak accident when a cow fell from a bridge. The manager described the 8?0 defeat as a freak result.

PREP. ~ of This was no more than a freak of history.

PHRASES by some freak of sth By some freak of fate, she won an enormous sum of money.

2 person with a very strong interest in sth

ADJ. computer, fitness, health, speed For the real speed freak, there is a 2-litre, fuel-injection version of the car. | control Her dad seems to be a bit of a control freak, always keeping a close watch on what anybody's doing.

PHRASES a bit of a freak

3 sb who is considered to be strange

VERB + FREAK feel | regard sb as Other students regarded him as a freak.

PHRASES a bit of a freak I felt a bit of a freak in my strange clothes.