formula noun

1 group of signs/letters/numbers

ADJ. complex, complicated | simple | algebraic, chemical, mathematical, scientific

VERB + FORMULA devise, work out A simple mathematical formula has been devised to allow you to calculate the interest due. | apply, use

PREP. ~ for Do you know the formula for finding the area of a circle?

2 method of solving a problem

ADJ. good, magic, successful, winning | time-honoured, traditional | face-saving The government was forced to find a face-saving formula to cover its misjudgement. | peace No one has yet come up with a successful peace formula. | political

VERB + FORMULA have No one has a magic formula for keeping youngsters away from crime. | come up with, devise, find, hit on, provide, work out We think we might have hit on a winning formula.

PREP. ~ for What is their formula for success?