forecast noun

ADJ. good, optimistic, promising | gloomy, pessimistic | conservative | accurate, correct | detailed | revised | annual | early | long-range, long-term a long-range weather forecast | short-term a short-term forecast of the UK economy | official | economic, financial, market, traffic, weather | cash-flow, cost, earnings, growth, profit, revenue, sales

VERB + FORECAST prepare, produce | give, issue, make, provide The government has issued a pessimistic economic forecast. | revise, update | rely on | be in line with The interest rate is in line with the forecast.

FORECAST + VERB predict sth, say sth, suggest sth Some forecasts suggest that the increase in heart disease will continue for some time. | assume sth | be based on sth forecasts based on a complicated procedure

PREP. ~ about Forecasts about the economy are often misleading. | ~ for forecasts for earnings forecasts for different sectors of the industry forecasts for the year