footing noun

1 secure grip with your feet

ADJ. firm, sure

VERB + FOOTING keep He struggled to keep his footing on the slippery floor. | be sure of She looked over her shoulder to be sure of her footing. | struggle for | lose, miss | give (sb), provide (sb with) The sole of this shoe will give a firm footing even on slippery surfaces.

2 basis on which sth exists/operates

ADJ. firm, proper, right, secure, solid, sound | wrong | equal, the same All claimants stand on an equal legal footing. | different, unequal | normal | permanent The arrangement was put on a permanent footing earlier this year. | commercial, competitive, financial, legal | war The army was placed on a war footing (= prepared for war).

VERB + FOOTING be on, stand on The two teams stand on an equal footing. | be back on | gain Town planning procedures gained a footing in local government. | get (sb/sth) off on Being inconsiderate to the doctor will get you off on the wrong footing. | get (sth) on, place sth on, set sth on We need to get the business on a sound footing. | get (sth) back on, put sth back on

PREP. on a … ~ an attempt to put the economy on a more secure footing