football noun

ADJ. adventurous, attractive, classy, creative, entertaining, exciting, fine, fluent, good, great, neat | one-touch The Dutch team impressed the fans with their classy one-touch football. | amateur, professional | junior | first-team | club, league | international, world | domestic | five-a-side | indoor | live | American, Aussie rules/Australian rules, Gaelic

QUANT. game

VERB + FOOTBALL play | watch | follow Young Italians follow football like we follow the royal family.

FOOTBALL + NOUN club, league | squad, team | hero, player, star | field, ground, pitch, stadium | terraces The government is trying to tackle violence on the football terraces. | boots, kit, shirt, shorts, strip | agent, management, manager | authorities The police say the players' behaviour is a matter for the football authorities. | enthusiast, fan, follower, supporter | crowd | programme | championship, game, match, tournament | training | career | hooliganism, riot, violence | hooligan | chant Obscene football chants stop people taking their children to matches. | commentator, writer | action, coverage Join Radio 5 for all the top football action. | world The football world was rocked by the scandal. | culture The World Cup is fascinating for its clash of football cultures. > Special page at SPORT