foot noun

1 part of the body

ADJ. left, right | back, front He shifted his weight onto his back foot. | dainty (little), small | big, enormous | narrow, wide | flat He was excused military service because of his flat feet. | bare It's dangerous to walk on the beach in/with bare feet. | blistered, swollen | dirty, smelly, unwashed | booted, stockinged the rumble of many booted feet on the bridge He padded across the room in his stockinged feet (= wearing socks but no shoes). | webbed Ducks' webbed feet help them to swim. | silent He slipped across the corridor on silent feet. | leaden (figurative) He walked towards the examination room with leaden feet (= slowly). | winged (figurative) She flew on winged feet (= fast) up the narrow stair.

VERB + FOOT get to, jump to, leap to, rise to, scramble to He got shakily to his feet. | be on I've been on my feet all day and I need to sit down for a rest. | plant, put I planted my feet firmly on the chair and reached up to the top window. She put her foot down on the accelerator and the car lurched forward. | raise He raised his foot off the accelerator pedal. | stamp | swing He swung a foot at the ball but missed completely. | shuffle | drag She dragged her feet as she reluctantly followed her parents. | wipe Wipe your feet when you come in from the street. | tread on That man trod on my foot and he didn't even apologize.

FOOT + VERB catch His foot caught in the cable and he fell under the train. | slip My foot slipped as I was about to shoot and I missed the ball. | crunch, patter, pound, shuffle I heard feet crunching over the gravel outside the house. | dangle I sat by the river with my feet dangling in the water. | kick They carried him out of the room with his feet kicking. | sink My feet sank deep into the mud.

FOOT + NOUN massage | injury | passenger, soldier Foot passengers were allowed to leave the ferry before the vehicles. | patrol soldiers on foot patrol

PREP. beneath/under your ~ The snow crunched beneath her feet. | from ~ to ~ They looked unsure and shifted uneasily from foot to foot. | on ~ The city is best explored on foot. | in the/your ~ He's broken several bones in his left foot. | with the/your ~ She kicked the ball with her right foot.

PHRASES the ball of the/your foot I squatted down to speak to the boy, balancing on the balls of my feet. | from head to foot She was dressed from head to foot in green velvet. | put your feet up He likes to put his feet up and watch TV when he gets home. | set foot in/on sth Cook claimed to be the first European to set foot in Australia. | the sole of the/your foot The soles of my feet were covered in blisters.

2 measurement > Note at MEASURE