fool noun

ADJ. awful, big, bloody (taboo), damned, great, silly, stupid You're an even bigger fool than I thought. | absolute, complete, utter | poor (= unfortunate) | old (= used to show sympathy, affection or a lack of respect) The poor old fool was imprisoned on my account. | young | little You silly little fool! | court court fools who used to provide entertainment in the royal court

VERB + FOOL feel (like) I felt such a fool when I realized what I'd done. | look (like) They had left me looking like a fool. | act (like), behave like, play Stop behaving like a fool! He thought that being an actor only involved tap dancing and playing the fool (= acting in a childish/funny way). | suffer, tolerate She doesn't suffer fools gladly. | call sb | take sb for He had taken me for a complete fool. | be no/nobody's (= be too clever to be deceived by sb/sth) She's nobody's fool. She had the car checked by a mechanic before buying it.

PREP. like a ~ Like a fool, I told her everything. | ~ of a sth That fool of a doctor has prescribed me the wrong medicine!

PHRASES make a fool (out) of sb/yourself She was angry at having been made a fool of. | more fool (sb) I thought it was safe to leave my suitcase there. More fool me (= I was stupid to think so).