folk (also folks) noun

ADJ. decent, good, honest, law-abiding | common, everyday, ordinary It's the ordinary everyday folk who come to shop at this market. | humble, simple | friendly | rich | poor | working, working-class | elderly, old | young | black, white | men (also menfolk) He described the customs of the menfolk of his family. | city, country places that appeal to city folk | local

VERB + FOLK visit I am going to visit my folks (= parents) at the weekend.

FOLK + VERB live ordinary working-class folk who live near the factory | say sth, talk (of sth), tell (sb) sth Folks say that he is a hard man. If only I'd listened to the old folk telling their stories.

FOLK + NOUN culture, customs, memory, myth, tradition, wisdom She had an interest in the folk customs of ancient societies. | story, tale | hero He is something of a folk hero in these parts. | art, dancing, music, singing | dance, song | musician, singer | festival | medicine, remedy

PHRASES the folks back home The visiting team lost 3?0, dismaying the folks back home (= the people from the place the team had come from).