flight noun

1 journey by air; plane making journey

ADJ. return The first prize is a return flight to Delhi. The outbound flight was smooth but the return flight was held up by six hours. | outbound | connecting | shuttle | regular, scheduled | charter | commercial | direct, non-stop | special | delayed | domestic, internal, local | long, long-distance, long-haul | intercontinental, international, transatlantic | first I got to the airport early to be ready for the first flight out. | last She flew into London on the last flight from Frankfurt. | first, maiden The Wright Brothers made their first flight in the Kitty Hawk in 1903. | final, last This will be the last flight of the vintage aircraft before it is installed in the museum. | early | evening, morning, night | bumpy The bumpy flight brought on a bout of airsickness. | smooth | pleasure | mercy, relief | military | reconnaissance, surveillance | routine | training a routine air-force training flight | solo | air, space | airline, (hot-air) balloon, helicopter | cargo, passenger | cheap

VERB + FLIGHT catch, take, travel on They caught an early flight back to London. | miss | have Did you have a good flight? | make The aeroplane made its maiden flight in 1976. | be booked on/onto, be on I'm on the first flight to Milan in the morning. | book (sb), book sb/yourself on/onto, get He asked her to book him on the next available flight to Geneva. We managed to get a non-stop flight to New York. | charter The club has chartered a special flight from Manchester to Bologna for their fans. | confirm | cancel, suspend The UN has suspended relief flights because of shelling around the airport. | change | board | operate The airline operates regular flights to Greece. | delay, hold up | divert The flight was diverted to Gatwick because of a bomb scare. | blow up She was accused of planting the bomb that blew up flight 217.

FLIGHT + VERB be bound for sth a flight bound for Antigua | leave, take off | arrive | land | be full I'm afraid I can't book you onto that flight?it's full.

FLIGHT + NOUN number We need your time of arrival and flight number. | time The flight time from Heathrow to Marseilles is less than two hours. | delay Your travel insurance compensates you for flight delays. | attendant, crew | commander, engineer (both military) | instruments | recorder The flight recorder should help to establish why the plane suddenly crashed. | simulator | path They have persuaded the authorities to divert the flight path of the military jets away from their village.

PREP. aboard/on/on board a/the ~ passengers aboard a flight bound for Johannesburg | during a/the ~ Please refrain from smoking during the flight. | ~ for She took a flight for Los Angeles. | ~ from, ~ out of They waited for the first flight out of Lisbon. | ~ to a flight from S

2 action of flying

ADJ. sustained | steady | normal | forward | soaring | low-level | horizontal, level | vertical | circular, curving | high-speed, supersonic

VERB + FLIGHT be capable of Barn owls are capable of flight at 56 days. | achieve Bats are the only mammals to have wings and to achieve sustained flight. | take They watched the young eagles take flight.

PREP. during ~ The wings vibrate during flight. | in ~ a flock of geese in flight

PHRASES the line of flight Don't get into the line of flight of the bees?you'd be sure to get stung.

3 number of stairs/steps

ADJ. long | short | steep | shallow | broad | narrow | double The villa is fronted by a double flight of stairs.

VERB + FLIGHT climb (up), go/run/walk up | descend, go/run/walk down | fall down

FLIGHT + VERB lead … a flight of steps leading to the foyer | go down/up sth A flight of steps goes up the left-hand side of the room.

PREP. down/up a/the ~ The office is just round that corner and up a short flight of stairs.

PHRASES (at the bottom/top of) a flight of stairs/steps

4 running away

ADJ. headlong, panicked

VERB + FLIGHT put (sb/sth) to (literary) The army was defeated and the king put to flight. | take As soon as they detected the cheetah the antelope took flight.

PREP. in ~ Left-wing opposition leaders, in flight from persecution, went across the border. | ~ from a headlong flight from danger | ~ into a flight into the unknown | ~ to The story tells of his flight from East to West Berlin.