flicker noun

ADJ. faint, slight, small, tiny She caught the faintest flicker of amusement on his face. | brief, momentary | last (often figurative) The secret police were determined to stamp out the last flickers of academic freedom.

VERB + FLICKER give The candle gave one last flicker and went out. | show | catch, notice, see | detect, feel She felt a brief flicker of jealousy.

FLICKER + VERB cross sth A flicker of guilt crossed his face. | catch your eye A flicker of movement caught her eye and she turned her head.

PREP. with a ~ of ‘He'll soon be here,’ she thought, with a flicker of excitement. | without a ~ of She spoke without any flicker of fear. | ~ of

PHRASES the flicker of a candle/flame The brief flicker of a candle flame caught our eyes. | the flicker of an eyelid, a flicker of sb's/the eyes Her only reaction was a slight flicker of her eyes. | a flicker of hope/interest European stock markets showed barely a flicker of interest in the election result. | a flicker of light/movement He saw a flicker of light in the darkness. | a flicker of recognition The witness stared at the accused but she showed not a flicker of recognition. | a flicker of a smile I noticed a flicker of a smile on her face.