flat noun

1 set of rooms

ADJ. big, spacious | modest | cramped, little, poky, small, tiny | comfortable, cosy | beautiful, nice | luxury, posh | shabby | modern | self-contained | purpose-built | furnished, unfurnished | one-room, studio | one-bedroomed, two-room, etc. | bachelor, granny Even the prices of small bachelor flats are unbelievable. They converted two rooms of their house into a granny flat for Tony's elderly mother. | attic, basement, bottom, downstairs, first-floor, ground-floor, penthouse, top, top-floor, upstairs the people who lived in the downstairs flat | high-rise a block of high-rise flats | empty, unoccupied, vacant | privately-owned | rented | council | holiday | next They live in the next flat.

QUANT. block The tall blocks of flats dominated the skyline.

VERB + FLAT have, own They have a flat in Paris and a house in Normandy. | rent, take The musician took a flat in a fashionable area of London. | let, sublet The landlady found they had been illegally subletting the flat. | buy | sell | find (sb), look for Do you think that the council could find me another flat? | get (sb) We got her a flat in the same block as ours. | live in, occupy, stay in Our flat is one of the two occupied in the block. | share | move into, move (out) from, move out (of) | build | decorate, refurbish a contract to refurbish 18 council flats | lock (up) | let sb/yourself into She let herself into the flat with the spare key. | leave, let sb/yourself out (of) | break (into) | evict sb from

FLAT + VERB be located The flat is located in a modern development. | face sth, overlook sth a luxury block of flats overlooking the marina

PREP. at a/the ~ I'll meet you back at your flat. | in a/the ~ She lives in the top flat.

PHRASES convert/divide/make/turn sth into flats The house has now been converted into flats.

2 land

ADJ. coastal | tidal | mud (also mudflat), sand, salt mud and sand flats rich in animal life

PREP. on the ~ These birds live on the coastal flats.

3 musical note

ADJ. A, B, etc.

VERB + FLAT have The key of E flat major has three flats. | play

PREP. in … ~ Mendelssohn's Quintet in B flat