flash noun

1 sudden bright light; sudden idea/emotion/action

ADJ. great | blinding, bright, brilliant | sudden | brief, momentary, quick | occasional | rare a rare flash of humour | light, lightning | news (also newsflash)

VERB + FLASH feel, have He felt a brief flash of jealousy. She had a sudden flash of inspiration. | catch, detect, notice, see We caught a flash of white in the bushes.

FLASH + VERB illuminate sth, light sth (up) A bright flash of lightning lit up the sky.

PREP. ~ from The flashes from the guns illuminated the sky. | ~ of a sudden flash of light

2 bright light for a camera

ADJ. built-in | camera

VERB + FLASH use I don't think the picture will come out in this light. Try using the flash.

FLASH + VERB go off, work The flash didn't go off.

FLASH + NOUN photography | bulb | unit a camera with a built-in flash unit

PREP. with (a) ~ I took it with flash.