flap noun

1 flat piece of paper, metal, etc.

ADJ. small | hinged | loose a loose flap of skin | tent | pocket a stylish jacket with leather cuffs and pocket flaps

VERB + FLAP undo The officer undid the flap of his holster and drew his gun. | draw back, lift back/up, open, pull back He drew back the tent flap. | close | lower The pilot lowered the flaps as the aircraft came into land.

2 state of worry/excitement

ADJ. real

VERB + FLAP get in/into Far from getting into a flap over the controversy, the government has used the media attention to its advantage. | put sb in/into Having to cook for everyone at Christmas put his mother in a real flap.

PREP. in a ~ I've never seen her in a flap; she's always so calm. | ~ over a flap over nuclear issues