firm noun

ADJ. big, large, major | medium-sized | small | well-known | successful | established | start-up start-up firms in the booming computer market | private | family | international, multinational | foreign | local | accountancy, audit/auditing, broking, consulting, engineering, law, manufacturing, software, stockbroking, telecommunications | mail order

VERB + FIRM establish, found, set up, start (up) She set up her own software firm. | manage, run | merge with They are likely to merge with a bigger firm. | acquire, buy (out), take over The firm was taken over by a multinational consulting firm. | close (down), dissolve the decision to close down the firm | own | work for | join, leave | employ, hire She hired a firm of private detectives to follow him.

FIRM + VERB be based in sth a firm called Data Incorporated, based in Chicago | expand, grow | merge | compete Local firms are finding it difficult to compete in the international market. | close (down), collapse, fail, go bust, go into liquidation The well-established firm closed down with the loss of 600 jobs. | develop sth, make sth, manufacture sth, produce sth | specialize in sth a firm specializing in high-technology products

PREP. in/within a/the ~ the different departments within the firm

PHRASES a client of a firm, a firm of accountants/consultants/solicitors, a partner in a firm > Note at ORGANIZATION> Special page at BUSINESS