figure noun

1 amount/price

ADJ. high | low | double, single | accurate, exact | approximate, ballpark, rough, round | real, reliable, true | official | latest | inflated | target | sales, trade, unemployment, viewing, etc.

VERB + FIGURE reach The rate of inflation has now reached double figures. | add (together/up) | release The government has just released new unemployment figures.

FIGURE + VERB add up These figures don't add up. | be bandied about Lots of different figures were being bandied about.

PHRASES according to (the) figures The industry remains in the doldrums, according to official figures out today. | in round figures 2 figures arithmetic

PHRASES good/bad at figures I was never very good at figures. | have a head for figures

3 person

ADJ. great | central, important, influential, key, leading, prominent, respected, well-known a key figure on the committee | public | national | senior | familiar He was a familiar figure in the local pub. | unlikely They were visited by the unlikely figure of Bill Clinton. | authority, dominant | father, mother, parental | tragic | comic, ridiculous | cult, legendary | historical | political, religious | government, opposition

PREP. ~ of a figure of authority/fun

4 shape of a person

ADJ. life-size | dark, shadowy | seated, standing, etc. The seated figure in the corner beckoned me over. | central the central figure in the photo | solitary | human

FIGURE + NOUN painter, painting

5 shape of sb's body

ADJ. beautiful, fine, good, handsome, hour-glass, lovely She's still got a lovely figure. | slender, slim | ample, bulky, full, large, stocky | tall | dashing, imposing, striking | neat, slight, small, tiny, trim | lithe

VERB + FIGURE cut, have He cut a dashing figure in his uniform. | keep She's kept her figure after all these years. | watch You need to watch your figure. | lose

PHRASES a fine figure of a man/woman

6 picture/diagram

VERB + FIGURE see See Figure 8.

FIGURE + VERB show sth