fight verb

1 in a war/battle

ADV. bravely, gallantly, valiantly | bitterly, hard | back, off

VERB + FIGHT be prepared to, be ready to He did not believe that the enemy was ready to fight. | continue to

PREP. against They fought bravely against the enemy. | alongside fighting alongside his comrades | for They fought for control of the island. | over fighting over disputed land

2 struggle against/hit sb

ADV. bitterly, hard | back, off The jeweller was stabbed as he tried to fight the robbers off.

VERB + FIGHT be prepared to

PREP. against She fought hard against his strong grip. | with Riot police fought with militants demonstrating in support of the uprising.

3 in a contest

ADV. bitterly, hard | successfully

VERB + FIGHT be determined to, be prepared to, be ready to We need a good manager who is prepared to fight for a fair share of the funds. | continue to

PREP. for Regional monopolies were bitterly fought for.

PHRASES fiercely/keenly fought The second half was keenly fought, but neither side managed to score.

4 try to stop/achieve sth

ADV. hard, like a tiger, tooth and nail (= in a very determined way) He fought hard to overcome his disability. She'll fight like a tiger to protect her children. The residents are fighting tooth and nail to stop the new development. | doggedly, stubbornly, tenaciously | desperately | successfully | back, off It is time to fight back against street crime.

VERB + FIGHT be determined to, be prepared to, be ready to, vow to | continue to | help (to)

PREP. against They are committed to fighting against racism. | for fighting for equal rights

5 argue

ADV. bitterly

PREP. about It's a trivial matter and not worth fighting about. | over The children will fight over quite small things. | with He's always fighting with his brother.