fight noun

1 struggle using physical force

ADJ. big | fierce, furious | real Suddenly the argument developed into a real fight. | good There's nothing he likes so much as a good fight. | fair It was a fair fight and Stephen won. | free They inadvertently got mixed up in a free fight involving some 20 people. | running He was killed during a series of running fights outside a disco. | stand-up, straight In a straight fight the crusaders usually won; in skirmishes, the Saracens often overcame their more numerous opponents. | pub, street | gang | fist | food, pillow, water | championship, title watching the world title fight between Tyson and Lewis | professional | heavyweight, etc. | bull (also bullfight), cock, dog

VERB + FIGHT pick, start He tried to pick a fight with me. I don't know who started the fight. | be looking for, be spoiling for, want Andy was drunk and spoiling for a fight. | be in, get into, get involved in, get mixed up in, have Don't get into any more fights! | break up, stop The fight was broken up by a teacher. | win | lose | watch

FIGHT + VERB take place The dog fights took place every Sunday morning. | break out, erupt, start | ensue A fight ensued which left one man dead.

PREP. in a/the ~ He killed a man in a fight. | ~ about/over They nearly had a fight over who should move first. | ~ between fights between police and football fans | ~ with They got involved in a fight with some older boys.

2 trying to get/do sth

ADJ. brave, good, strong She died at the age of 43 after a brave fight against cancer. | hard, long, real, tough a long fight to beat inflation | bitter, desperate | legal

VERB + FIGHT put up Coal workers are determined to put up a fight to save their jobs. | lead, spearhead leading the fight for compensation for the sacked workers | join (in) Doctors have now joined in the fight to make this treatment available to all. | face Now he is facing his toughest fight yet?back to fitness after a series of injuries. | be engaged in He is still engaged in a bitter fight with his old firm. | carry on, continue, keep up She said they would continue their fight to find a cure for Aids. | step up The government has vowed to step up the fight against crime. | take She vowed to take her fight to the High Court. | win | lose Are we losing the fight against illegal drugs? | give up She just gave up her fight for life.

FIGHT + VERB be on The fight is on to have this brutal practice stamped out. | continue, go on The fight for justice goes on.

PREP. without a ~ I'm not giving up without a fight! | ~ against a new weapon in the fight against car crime | ~ for their fight for a fair deal

PHRASES a fight for life/survival the firm's desperate fight for survival in a cut-throat market | have a fight on your hands Union leaders know that they have got a real fight on their hands.

3 competition

ADJ. brave, good, great, strong, tremendous | straight

VERB + FIGHT put up The team put up a good fight (= they played well) but were finally beaten.

FIGHT + VERB be on

PREP. ~ between This will be a straight fight between Labour and the Conservatives: the other parties are nowhere. | ~ for The fight for supremacy in the sport is on.

PHRASES a fight to the death (figurative) By 1807 politics had become a fight to the death between the two factions. | a fight to the finish If the polls are wrong and it's a fight to the finish, the result may not be known until all the votes have been counted. | have a fight on your hands She now has a fight on her hands (= will have to play very well) to make it through to the next round. | make a fight of it No doubt Ferguson wants his team to make a fight of it.