fibre noun

1 in food

ADJ. dietary your total daily intake of dietary fibre | vegetable

VERB + FIBRE be high/rich in foods that are rich in fibre

FIBRE + NOUN content foods that have a high fibre content | intake

PHRASES a high/low fibre diet the problems associated with a low fibre diet | an intake of fibre, a source of fibre Peaches are a good source of fibre.

2 material/body tissue

ADJ. coarse Mechanical filters draw air through flat, coarse fibres. | hollow | strong | natural | artificial, man-made, synthetic | carbon, coconut, cotton, nylon, paper, polyester, textile, wood | glass, optical | muscle, nerve | moral (figurative) It isn't just a lack of moral fibre that leads to a rising divorce rate.

VERB + FIBRE be made from/of Wear underwear that is made from natural fibres.

FIBRE + NOUN optics