festival noun

1 series of performances/events

ADJ. big, major | annual | autumn, spring, etc. | international, local | arts, beer, cultural, dance, drama, film, flower, folk, jazz, literary, music, rock, theatre

VERB + FESTIVAL have, hold | attend, go to, visit | organize | appear at, take part in The school has taken part in the festival since 1997.

FESTIVAL + VERB take place | begin, open, start | attract sb The festival attracts thousands of visitors every year.

FESTIVAL + NOUN organizer | events, programme

PREP. at a/the ~ He's appearing at a local folk festival tonight. | during a/the ~ the movies shown during the eight-day festival | in a/the ~ the events in this year's festival

2 religious celebration

ADJ. great, important, major | annual | pagan, religious | Christian, Muslim, etc. | harvest

VERB + FESTIVAL celebrate, observe The family always observes the Jewish festivals.

PREP. at/on a/the ~ the pilgrims who arrived on major festivals