ferry noun

ADJ. cross-channel | night | car, passenger

VERB + FERRY get, go on, take, travel on, use | wait for | catch | board, drive onto | drive off, get off

FERRY + VERB carry sb, take sb a ferry carrying more than a thousand people | arrive, come in, dock We watched the ferry dock. | depart, go, leave, sail The last ferry sails at 4 p.m. | cross sth the ferries that cross the River Mersey | run Ferries run every hour or so.

FERRY + NOUN crossing, journey | route | boat | passenger | port, terminal | line, operator, service

PREP. aboard/on/on board a/the ~ the people on the ferry | by ~ We went by night ferry. | ~ across/over We caught the ferry across the river. | ~ between the ferry between Dundee and Tayport | ~ for/to the ferry for Italy | ~ from the ferry from Ramsgate to Dunkirk