feeling noun

1 sth that you feel/sense/believe

ADJ. strong | definite, distinct | nagging, sneaking/sneaky, vague I had a nagging feeling that I had forgotten something. | glorious, good, great, marvellous, warm, wonderful It was a good feeling to be arriving home again. | horrible, nasty, queasy, sick, sinking, terrible, tight, uncomfortable, uneasy He suddenly had a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. I've got a tight feeling in my stomach. | guilty | curious, eerie, odd, peculiar, strange | gut, instinctive My gut feeling was that we couldn't trust her. | general, popular, public The general feeling of the meeting was against the decision.

VERB + FEELING feel, get, have He felt a wonderful warm feeling come over him. Do you get the feeling that we're not welcome here? | give sb, leave sb with She was left with the feeling that he did not care. | know (informal) ‘I really resent the way he treated me.’ ‘I know the feeling (= I know how you feel).’ | arouse, evoke, inspire a case that has aroused strong public feeling

FEELING + VERB come over sb | be mutual ‘I'm going to miss you.’ ‘The feeling's mutual (= I feel exactly the same).’

PREP. ~ about I don't have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. | ~ of a feeling of excitement | ~ on What are your feelings on this issue?

2 feelings: emotions

ADJ. deep, intense, strong | ambivalent, mixed I had mixed feelings about meeting them again. | positive, warm | hostile, negative | hurt, injured | inner, innermost, real, true | pent-up releasing her pent-up feelings | personal | religious | sexual

VERB + FEELING experience, harbour, have, suffer She experienced a whole range of feelings. He still harboured feelings of resentment. She was lucky that she had suffered no more than hurt feelings. | express, give vent to, release, show, vent He finds it difficult to express his feelings. I finally gave vent to my feelings and started yelling at him. | articulate, describe, discuss, talk about discussing his innermost feelings with me | bottle up, hide, mask, repress, suppress trying to hide her true feelings | banish He was determined to banish all feelings of guilt. | hurt I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings. | spare We didn't tell Jane because we wanted to spare her feelings. | arouse, engender, evoke, inspire The debate aroused strong feelings on both sides. | heighten It was the practical aspect of life that heightened her feelings of loneliness and loss. | understand | reciprocate, return Although she did not reciprocate his feelings, she did not discourage him.

FEELING + VERB come into sth Personal feelings don't come into it?we have to do what's right. | run high Feelings were running high (= people were very angry or excited)as the meeting continued.

PREP. ~ for It makes no difference to my feelings for you. | ~ of his feelings of grief | ~ towards her feelings of anger towards him

PHRASES no hard feelings (informal) Someone's got to lose. No hard feelings, Dave, eh?

3 understanding/sensitivity

ADJ. great, wonderful

VERB + FEELING have | develop He had developed a feeling for when not to disturb her.

PREP. with ~ She spoke with feeling about the plight of the homeless. | ~ for She has a wonderful feeling for colour.

4 sympathy/love

VERB + FEELING have You have no feeling for the sufferings of others.

PREP. ~ for She still had a lot of feeling for David.

5 anger

ADJ. bad, ill

VERB + FEELING cause, create, lead to | stir up

PREP. ~ against Their aim was to stir up feeling against the war. | ~ between There was a lot of bad feeling between the two groups of students.

6 ability to feel physically

VERB + FEELING lose | regain

PREP. ~ in After the accident he lost all feeling in his legs.

7 atmosphere

VERB + FEELING create, recreate They have managed to recreate the feeling of the original theatre.

PREP. ~ of Light colours create a feeling of spaciousness.