feed verb

1 give food to a person/animal/plant

ADV. properly, well Have they been feeding you well? | regularly

VERB + FEED help (to) Let us discipline ourselves so as to help feed a hungry world.

PREP. on She fed the children on baked beans and fish fingers. | to Most of the crop is fed to the cattle. | with The animals are fed with hay and grass.

PHRASES a mouth to feed He saw the new baby as just another mouth to feed.

2 eat

ADV. voraciously The bears feed voraciously in summer and store energy as fat. | busily Egrets and a solitary grey heron were busily feeding. | mainly, predominantly | exclusively

PREP. on The seals feed mainly on fish and squid.

3 supply sth

ADV. directly

PREP. into The data is fed directly into a computer. | through This feeds the paper through to the printer. | to, with feeding the media with rumours and accusations