feature noun

1 important part of sth

ADJ. basic, central, essential, important, key, main, major, significant | conspicuous, distinctive, distinguishing, dominant, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, predominant, prominent a distinctive feature of his poems | outstanding, remarkable, striking | attractive, endearing, eye-catching | interesting, special, unusual | salient He took me around our new offices, pointing out all the salient features. | useful | characteristic, typical | unique | common the common feature in all these cases | permanent, regular These walks became a regular feature of his day. | recurring Self-deprecation is a recurring feature as Stevenson talks. | redeeming The one redeeming feature of the scheme was its low cost to the council. | original The house retains most of its original features. | built-in | additional | constructional, design, physical, structural | energy-saving, safety a car with new built-in safety features

VERB + FEATURE have The site had a number of interesting features. | retain | point out

FEATURE + VERB distinguish sth the essential feature that distinguishes anorexia nervosa from other eating disorders | characterize sth A feature that characterizes all anteaters is an extremely slow metabolic rate. | include sth Special features include passenger airbags and an electric sunroof.

2 features: sb's face

ADJ. handsome | delicate, fine | rugged admiring his rugged features | chiselled a slim figure with strongly chiselled features | aquiline, hawk-like | facial

VERB + FEATURE have She's got very delicate features.

PREP. with ~ a young woman with fine features

3 newspaper article/television item

ADJ. big, major, special | regular The magazine runs a regular feature on ethnic cooking. | in-depth

VERB + FEATURE do, have, publish, run Next month they will publish a special feature on computer books.


PREP. ~ on an in-depth feature on the Italian fashion scene