fear noun

ADJ. deep, great, real, terrible It was the first time she had experienced real fear. | growing | irrational | unfounded, well-founded Our fears proved unfounded.

VERB + FEAR experience, feel, have She did not know why she should feel such fear. | be filled with, be gripped by, be paralysed by/with, be trembling with | express, show, voice The boy showed no fear. Doctors have voiced fears that we may be facing an epidemic. | cause, fuel, instil This incident has fuelled fears of a full-scale war. the fear that her mother had instilled in her | allay, dispel, overcome The government is keen to allay the public's fears. She managed to overcome her fear. | live in The people live in fear of attack by the bandits.

FEAR + VERB abate, subside When she heard the news, some of her fear subsided. | grip sb, haunt sb A sudden fear gripped him.

PREP. for ~ of Nobody refused for fear of losing their job. | in ~ He ran away in fear. | out of ~ He lied out of fear. | through ~ The pupils obeyed through fear of punishment. | without ~ She stared at him without fear. | with ~ His face was white with fear. | ~ about his fear about what might happen | ~ for my fear for her safety | ~ of They have a terrible fear of failure.

PHRASES fear and trepidation The men set off in fear and trepidation. | strike fear into (the heart of) sb The sound of gunfire struck fear into the hearts of the villagers.