favour noun

1 sth that helps sb

ADJ. big, great | little, small | special | personal As a personal favour to me, please don't release my story to the press. | political, sexual

VERB + FAVOUR ask I came here to ask you a favour, a big favour. | expect Although I am friends with the tennis ace, I don't expect any favours from him on court. | bestow, do, grant sb Rodrigo accepted the favours bestowed on him by the new king. Do yourself a favour and cut your credit cards in half. | owe sb I'll ask Jane. She owes me a favour. | return Thanks very much. I'll return the favour one day. | seek | obtain | accept, receive

2 approval or support for sb/sth

ADJ. great, high, particular Traditionally, vigilante groups have found greater favour on the political right. He stood in high favour at the court of Lewis the Pious. | divine, government, political, royal In the Christian tradition, the world exists only as an act of divine favour.

VERB + FAVOUR be in, enjoy, have, stand in The bishop was said to have enjoyed the king's favour. | find, gain, win Her political views have not found favour in recent years. | curry trying to curry favour with the teachers | show As an examiner, she showed no favour to any candidate. | be out of | fall from, fall out of, lose The senior officials were punished and rapidly fell from favour. This idea has long since fallen out of favour. | be back in, bring sth back into, come back into A style of art can go out of fashion and then come back into favour fifty years later. | argue in, speak (out) in to argue in favour of this policy | come down/out in, decide in, find in, resolve in, rule in, vote in The committee came down in favour of setting up a national body. The High Court found in favour of the plaintiffs. | work in Environmental conservation generally works in favour of maintaining the status quo. | go in The golf tournament went in the Americans' favour (= they won).

PREP. in ~ of He is strongly in favour of capital punishment. Early in his musical career he abandoned blues in favour of jazz. | in sth's ~ This piece of software has two points in its favour: it's fast and inexpensive. | ~ with She is too popular with the public to find much favour with the critics.

PHRASES an argument in sb/sth's favour an argument in favour of censorship | a bias in sb/sth's favour, look with favour on/upon sb/sth Depth of training is looked upon with favour by many employers. | without fear or favour (= in a fair way)