farm noun

ADJ. large | little, small | 100-acre, 200-hectare, etc. | neighbouring, next She lives on the next farm. | local, nearby, surrounding | isolated, outlying, remote | border | hill | organic | intensive | commercial | factory | model Ten model farms have been set up to showcase modern production methods. | working The area combines a working farm and a farming museum. | family, home | traditional | private | state | cooperative, collective | arable, livestock, mixed | dairy, fur, stud | fish, fruit, pig, poultry, sheep, trout, turkey, etc.

VERB + FARM have, own | manage, run | work (at/on) During the war, few men were left to work the farm. The children had to work on the family farm. | set up | live at/on | be brought up on | visit

FARM + VERB lie The farm lies on the hills above the lake. | produce sth a dairy farm producing speciality cheeses

FARM + NOUN produce, product Farm produce, including fruits and grains, was their principal export. farm products such as eggs and vegetables | animal | labourer, worker | labour | work | manager, owner | management | land (also farmland) | building | equipment, implements, machinery | policy the EU farm policy | subsidies, support The EU has decided to cut farm subsidies. | life village and farm life | cottage, house (also farmhouse) | shop | road, track

PREP. at a/the ~ The police are investigating a fire at a farm near Whitby. | down on the ~ The myth of happy and contented animals down on the farm is now far from the truth. | on a/the ~ He had lived on that farm all his life.