fall verb

1 drop down towards the ground

ADV. heavily She fell heavily to the ground. | steadily The rain was falling steadily. | down, off, overboard A tile fell off the roof. He fell overboard in heavy seas.

VERB + FALL be about to | let sb/sth She lifted her arm, but then let it fall.

PREP. from, into One of the kids fell into the river. | on the snow falling on the fields | onto Loose bricks were falling down onto the ground. | to The plate fell to the floor.

2 suddenly stop standing

ADV. almost, nearly He stumbled and almost fell. | headlong She fell headlong, with a cry of alarm. | down, over One of the children fell over.

VERB + FALL be about to The house looked as if it was about to fall down.

PHRASES stumble/trip and fall

3 decrease

ADV. dramatically, sharply, significantly, steeply The price of coal fell sharply. | slightly | steadily

VERB + FALL be expected to, be likely to Demand is likely to fall by some 15%. | continue to

PREP. below Winter temperatures never fall below 10°C. | by Expenditure on education fell by 10% last year. | from The number of people unemployed has fallen from two million to just over one and a half million. | to Her voice fell to a whisper.

4 belong to a group

ADV. squarely

PREP. into Out of over 400 staff there are just 14 that fall into this category. | outside That topic falls outside the scope of this thesis. | under This falls under the heading of scientific research. | within This case falls squarely within the committee's jurisdiction.