faith noun

1 trust in sb/sth

ADJ. enormous, great, tremendous | absolute, complete, implicit, total, unshakeable | blind He seems to have a blind faith in his boss. | abiding an artist whose work reflects his abiding faith in humanity | touching She showed a touching faith in my ability to resolve any and every difficulty. | public Business crime undermines public faith in the business system.

VERB + FAITH have | place, pin, put He distrusted political systems and placed his faith in the genius of individuals. She did not pin much faith on their chances of success. | show | lose people who lose faith in themselves | shake, undermine | destroy | restore trying to restore faith in the political system | regain | retain If the company can retain its customers' faith it could become the market leader. | affirm, express, proclaim

PREP. ~ in Her faith in human nature had been badly shaken.

PHRASES an act of faith, a leap of faith These reforms are totally untested and will require a leap of faith on the part of teachers. | have every faith in sb

2 strong religious belief

ADJ. religious | genuine, strong, true | simple | unquestioning | active a large decline in the number of people who have an active faith of any sort | personal

VERB + FAITH have | come to, find He found faith gradually, rather than in a sudden conversion. | lose | shake, undermine | regain | proclaim

FAITH + NOUN healer, healing

PREP. through ~ They believe that people can come to salvation through faith. | ~ in After her son's death she lost her faith in God.

PHRASES an article of faith (often figurative) Manchester United's greatness was an article of faith for him (= a belief that could not be questioned).

3 religion

ADJ. living Christianity is a living faith which has shaped the history of Britain. | world The study of other world faiths is an important part of religious education. | Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc.

VERB + FAITH profess | practise Christians were allowed to practise their faith unmolested by the authorities. | keep alive, uphold Their aim was to keep alive the traditional Jewish faith. | hand on, pass on, preach, spread, teach the role of parents in passing on the faith to their children feeling the call to preach the faith to others

PHRASES people of different faiths

4 intention to do right

ADJ. bad, good The judge did not find any bad faith (= intention to do wrong) on the part of the defendants.

VERB + FAITH keep As club manager he was not prepared to keep faith with (= keep a promise to) the players who had failed him. | break (= break a promise to sb)

PREP. in … ~ We printed the report in good faith, but have now learnt that it was incorrect.