facility noun

1 facilities buildings/services/equipment

ADJ. excellent, first-class, good | adequate, appropriate, proper, suitable | inadequate, poor | basic, limited a hotel with only basic facilities | modern, up-to-date | extensive | extra | available, existing We are looking to upgrade the existing facilities. | essential, necessary to improve access to essential facilities | local, community hospitals, schools and other major community facilities | communal, shared The toilets and other communal facilities were in a shocking state. | public | disabled The railway station was criticized for its lack of disabled facilities. | conference | airport, hotel | bar, holiday, leisure, play, recreational, social, sporting/sports | transport, travel | parking | shopping | storage | canteen, dining, restaurant | catering, cooking, kitchen | baby changing, bathroom, laundry, sanitary, shower, toilet, washing | en suite, private All bedrooms offer private facilities (= a private bathroom). | health, health care, hospital, medical | childcare, creche, day care, nursery | educational, training | library, research | laboratory | computing

VERB + FACILITY have, offer, provide | improve, upgrade | make use of, use I made full use of the computing facilities.

FACILITY + VERB be available, exist | include sth Facilities include a large indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna.

PREP. ~ for The school has no facilities for the teaching of music. The hotel provides excellent facilities for children.

PHRASES a range of facilities

2 special feature of a machine/service

ADJ. central The archive offers a central facility for cataloguing and indexing data. | back-up The report warns that there are no back-up facilities if the reprocessing plant breaks down. | support training and other support facilities | special | useful | flexible A First National Bank loan is an extremely flexible facility. | technical | cheque book, credit, loan, overdraft a bank account with an overdraft facility | editing, graphics, help, mail, search, word processing (all computing)

VERB + FACILITY have, offer, provide | use

FACILITY + VERB allow (for) sth The cheque book facility allows for a minimum withdrawal of £200.

PREP. ~ for The device has a facility for storing any sound you like.

3 natural ability

ADJ. amazing, great

VERB + FACILITY have | show

PREP. with ~ He played with great facility. | ~ for She showed an amazing facility for mind-reading.