exposure noun

1 to sth harmful

ADJ. high, massive | maximum | excessive | low-level | long, long-term, prolonged | brief | constant, continued, continuous, repeated | chemical, radiation, sun | human human exposure to asbestos

VERB + EXPOSURE receive, suffer She suffered a massive exposure to toxic chemicals. | increase | limit, minimize, reduce Banks will seek to minimize their exposure to risk. | avoid

PREP. ~ to The report recommends people to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

2 to experience

ADJ. brief | greater | limited

VERB + EXPOSURE give sb | get, have | increase

PREP. ~ to giving children greater exposure to other cultures

3 showing the truth

ADJ. full full exposure of the links between government officials and the arms trade | public

4 on TV/in newspapers, etc.

ADJ. regular | media, press, television

VERB + EXPOSURE give sb/sth The magazine aims to give exposure to the work of women artists. | gain, get, have, receive a would-be television personality who is constantly trying to get media exposure