experiment noun

ADJ. animal protesting against animal experiments | field, laboratory | educational, medical, psychological, scientific | practical | thought His efforts involved thought experiments and analogies, rather than detailed experimentation. | simple | brief | careful, control (science), controlled | interesting | ingenious | pioneering | bold the country's bold experiment with economic reform | successful, unsuccessful | pilot, preliminary | further Further experiments will be carried out to verify this result. | celebrated, classic/classical, famous, well-known Pavlov's famous experiment with the dog and the dinner bell | unique Brazil's unique experiment with alcohol-fuelled cars

VERB + EXPERIMENT carry out, conduct, do, perform | try The school decided to try an experiment in single-sex teaching. | design | set up | describe, report a classic experiment reported in 1964

EXPERIMENT + VERB confirm sth, demonstrate sth, find sth, illustrate sth, prove sth, show sth | indicate sth, suggest sth | be aimed at sth, be designed to do sth an experiment aimed at cutting road deaths resulting from excessive speeding | involve sth, use sth | be successful, work If the conditions are not right, the experiment will not work. | fail

PREP. by ~ The appropriate concentration of the drug is best determined by experiment. | during an/the ~ The animals seemed healthy during the experiment. | in an/the ~ In these experiments, chilling is necessary. | ~ in the country's brief experiment in multi-party democracy | ~ on The team carried out experiments on cancer tissue. | ~ with conducting an experiment with zinc chips and hydrochloric acid